Upgrades to the old office interior

office renovationsOh, this is just cruel. Here we sit, in the company’s Townsville division, where the coffee tastes like muddy water and the floorboards creak like a haunted mansion, and we’re having to source supplies for a company that does office fitouts in Melbourne. This is the boss’ fault. He’s such a toad, always kissing up to the upper management and taking any and all assignments, probably in the hopes of getting assigned literally anywhere else.

So now we get to look at fancy offices being redone to the point where they look like multi-million dollar companies from Silicon Valley, and we’re just sitting here. Sitting here, sadly contemplating whether the microwave will work for us today. Yesterday I brought in some minestrone soup, which honestly is one of the least complicated soups out there. I made the mistake of thinking that my microwave could handle it, but alas. This was a mistake I will not make again. Everything in this office is old and shoddy, nothing works, the floorboards are constantly threatening to eat your foot and/or drag you down into an abyss where monsters live, judging by the noise, and it’s now coming into summer so I just can’t wait to show up in a suit and tie while my cubicle turns into a slow cooker. No, it’s just wonderful meeting clients, shaking their hands and them having to wipe it off straight afterwards. Just lovely.

They look like such nice offices…and all we’re really doing is sourcing materials. I just can’t help imagining looking around at this place and wondering what it’d be like if WE had something fancy like that. Don’t think I haven’t been to the office in Melbourne, office renovations in full-swing so I could see the transformation happening in real time. That’s right. I’ve SEEN it. Their microwave totally worked and everything. I’ve seen greatness, and I’m still stuck here…