Ice rink dubbed too cold

gas heating CanberraWinter has come early this year, with the recent cold snap dropping temperatures to below freezing twice in 72 hours. The forecast shows no warm change anytime soon, which is why Canberra resident have taken to keeping their spirits up during the cold season. Local ice rinks have become more and more popular in recent days, with many business booming. “We figure we may as well embrace the cold and have some fun while we’re at it,” says resident Sandy Walton. “The ice rink is a great way to blow off some steam, and get out of our freezing houses and come this large freezing building to spin around.”

On Friday one such ice rinks was deemed to be “too cold” by Canberra residents, after a breakdown of the gas heating. Canberra temperatures haven’t risen about single digits in over a week and residents are fed up.  “I never thought I’d hear this, but our ice rink are too cold,” reported Landon Jones, owner of the Slip ‘N’ Fall ice rink. “Ice is building up outside the arena, and people are falling over; this isn’t what I got into this business for.”

The technicians have been run off their feet since the breakdown of the ducted heating. Repairs in Canberra’s largest ice skating arena are expected to complete by Wednesday. Many have been working hard to “bring this ice rink up to a normal temperature.” In the meantime, residents of the city have flocked to local igloos and ice huts for warmth.

“I’m making crushed ice from thin air, almost,” reported Jones. “If this trend keeps up, I won’t be able to sell anyone on fun in the ice; they’ll go outside and do it themselves.” Canberra citizens have indeed been taking him up on that offer; impromptu ice rinks have sprung up throughout the city, whilst the heating repairs crew finish up. “It’s warmer out here, in the breeze, with the sun peeking through the ice clouds.”