New pool and fence for my show-off neighbours

glass pool fencesMy neighbours are such show-offs. It’s like the admiration of those less fortunate is their lifeblood. Just last week, they had their fence repainted. Now, they are getting a stunning glass fenced pool installed, Melbourne has never before seen such a family of show-offs.

Now, you may be wondering how I know this. After all, it is not like I can see into their backyard. Here is the kicker: it is in the front yard. Who gets a pool installed in their front yard? Only my neighbours, because they are desperate for everyone else to be jealous of them.

I, for one, am not jealous. Only a little. Okay, I am jealous this time. I wish I could get a lovely blue pool with a classy glass fence around it. I was not jealous of anything else they had done until now. Not the fence, not the garish statue in their front yard, and not even the sportscar sitting in their driveway. Funny how everything seems to be on the outside. The inside is probably a complete dump. I’d like to think so, anyway.

I may not live in a place that can accommodate a pool, but I do like to think about my dream house. I’d live in a huge mansion, with a kidney shaped pool enclosed by a sleek frameless pool fence, in Melbourne of course. I would have a walk-in wardrobe, with plenty of space for the designer clothes I would own. I would have huge entertainment spaces, as family comes first. I want these things not to show off, but because they would bring me joy. Other than the wardrobe- I have to have one indulgence, after all- every aspect of my dream house is centred on how I would use it. I would invite friends and family to the pool, and it would be in the backyard too, so nobody is conscious of jealous neighbours looking in. A pool is completely wasted on my shallow neighbours.

Window into adult responsibilities

aluminium window repairsIt was unclear to Allan why Susan was behaving in such a relaxed manner. He felt positively stressed, both physiologically and mentally, and yet she just sat there sipping tea and laughing along. As the sweat thickened on his brow and his throat became increasingly scratchy, it appeared that Susan experienced the opposite, she seemed to become even more relaxed. He had arranged the aluminium windows installation in Melbourne for the following day and was quickly regretting it. He was in no mood to deal with his windows, and Susan was completely oblivious. Earlier that day she had texted him reminding him of the window installation. He hadn’t replied. They had fought for weeks over the pros and cons of aluminium windows versus timber windows. Of course, Susan had won.

Susan always won. The house next door had also opted for aluminium windows which slightly comforted Allan but he still felt cheated and bullied. He had been there the night the neighbours had to arrange for an aluminium window repairs company in Melbourne to come and fix their sliding aluminium windows in their basement. He had seen the craftsmanship that went into the window repairs. Allan tried to get windows of his mind as he tried to fall asleep that night. He was dreading tomorrow and wanted so desperately to tell Susan to cancel. Susan was fast asleep and appeared to be dreaming blissfully as a dull but wide smile lay slap across her face. All he wanted was to get out of bed, pack a bag and run for the hills. He knew Susan would never forgive him, not just because of the aluminium windows but on behalf of the children and the entire community. When Allan was 17 his biggest problem was which pizza toppings he would have that night and how to sneak into his house after curfew. Now he lay there dreaming of such adolescent stresses.

How to termite check a house before purchasing

termite control dandenongBefore you buy a new home, you will want to make sure it is not going to fall apart after settlement. The best thing you can invest in is a termite inspection, Dandenong homes are susceptible to particular white ant problems which an inspection will reveal.

There are some preliminary checks you can perform yourself when inspecting a house. Look for visible signs of water damage. If there is debris on windowsills, check where is it coming from. Vibrations such as those induced by trains travelling on a nearby train line, or cars on a freeway, can cause problems with the stability of the house.

There are some issues that the untrained eye will not pick up, so for your peace of mind it is best to order a full termite inspection on the property. This can often be done at short notice, so do not be strong armed into signing anything before your inspection occurs, even if there are other interested buyers.

An inspection of the property will look for pests, especially termites which abound in Melbourne. Termites, also known as white ants, feast on wood and can cause serious structural problems. If a termite problem is not dealt with early enough,the house may have to be condemned if it is possible it could collapse.

There are also other issues that the inspector will assess the home for. Structural stability is an important one, and they will also look at other details such as plumbing and guttering. While faulty gutters can be easily replaced, it is best if you know this before you purchase the house.

Regardless of the inspections you do yourself, it is crucial to spring for a pest control in Dandenong due to the ever-worsening termite problem. A pre purchase report will find any issues that you missed, and will help you decide if the property is suitable for your family.