How to termite check a house before purchasing

termite control dandenongBefore you buy a new home, you will want to make sure it is not going to fall apart after settlement. The best thing you can invest in is a termite inspection, Dandenong homes are susceptible to particular white ant problems which an inspection will reveal.

There are some preliminary checks you can perform yourself when inspecting a house. Look for visible signs of water damage. If there is debris on windowsills, check where is it coming from. Vibrations such as those induced by trains travelling on a nearby train line, or cars on a freeway, can cause problems with the stability of the house.

There are some issues that the untrained eye will not pick up, so for your peace of mind it is best to order a full termite inspection on the property. This can often be done at short notice, so do not be strong armed into signing anything before your inspection occurs, even if there are other interested buyers.

An inspection of the property will look for pests, especially termites which abound in Melbourne. Termites, also known as white ants, feast on wood and can cause serious structural problems. If a termite problem is not dealt with early enough,the house may have to be condemned if it is possible it could collapse.

There are also other issues that the inspector will assess the home for. Structural stability is an important one, and they will also look at other details such as plumbing and guttering. While faulty gutters can be easily replaced, it is best if you know this before you purchase the house.

Regardless of the inspections you do yourself, it is crucial to spring for a pest control in Dandenong due to the ever-worsening termite problem. A pre purchase report will find any issues that you missed, and will help you decide if the property is suitable for your family.