Life change starts in Lorne

book hotel in LorneI’m not afraid of heights, but it’s not like I want to go skydiving any time soon. I know it’s a strange choice for someone of my background but I want to try and be more adventurous. Life without spice is too depressing a thought for me, a full life is what my mother and my wife want. I’m glad that I am making all the arrangements without putting the burden on my wife.

I know that I’ll be dealing with professionals who will respect my wishes. I mean life counselors are trained to listen and advise after all. I know that I am long for this world, I’ll probably live till I’m 95, it keeps me up at night. I want to sort all this life stuff out before it’s too late. I hate the thought of having regrets, I can’t deal with the idea that I won’t be living each day to the fullest. I’m whisking my wife away for a surprise mid week holiday to Lorne. I recently saw a fantastic tv show about accommodation on the great ocean road. It’ll mean we’ll have to make up some excuse to get off work but it’ll be worth it. Neither of us really like our jobs and it’s time to make a change anyway. No regrets. I don’t want that to happen so I’ve already told my wife that I want her to join me on my adventures, she has my blessing to go crazy. I don’t know if she’ll be angry by the idea but I need her to know that her life can be so much more than it is. It’s not something that any partner wants to think about but it’s important to have that talk. We need to get out there and do crazy things sometimes like book a hotel in Lorne for a romantic holiday. I don’t know much about what happens after you make a huge life change, but I know that I want to take the chance.