Aluminium is Alright

You know, I’m starting to see some of the logic behind these mortals and their actions, even if I still think them ignorant trolls who would fall in droves beneath the mighty royal magician’s force. 

I’ve seen people with strange implements that run on electricity, but they do not seem to be dangerous. Just the other day I walked unseen through a site of building while workers milled around, using their whirring tools and toolboxes. They had the best aluminium toolboxes, I heard them boast. Vaughn was complaining to Jake about how he was supposed to get toolbox central locking the day before someone stole his power saw but he didn’t think theft would be much of a problem. I’m proud to say I understood…some of their conversation. The part about aluminium tools does interest me. I know very little about this metal other than it’s light weight and incredibly versatile. I’ve seen it used in very thin sheets to wrap up food in order to store it better. What a wild thought. It made me want to buy my own aluminium toolbox to keep my things safe when I travel. Although I’m not sure if people use toolboxes to carry their clothing when they travel. 

In my realm, the main metals of choice are steel and bronze, mainly for transport and cooking wares. Here, they have aluminium accessories. They seem okay to me. It seems to be that there are a multitude of options for utes and trucks. I don’t have either of those, or a license for that matter. It’s something that I’m working on in order to blend in better with the local residents. 

I mean, I must admit, the building skills of this world are immense; one must only look at the towers that scrape the sky. Many secrets lie inside those aluminium toolboxes. This metal is not to be underestimated and should be studied further.