Saviour Compression Socks

I just played my first game of basketball in over a year! It went great! I loved every minute of running up and down the court. I scored plenty of goals and got the winning assist too. You should’ve seen how great my pass was to my teammate who was in the best position to score and win us the game. It was an unselfish play by me, and I’m stoked to be back.

I know you’re all wondering how my feet pulled up and… they pulled up great! I didn’t experience any pain whilst running and now that the game is over, no pain has set in either. I’m no expert but I think spending a whole year looking after my feet, visiting a foot specialist and wearing compression socks whilst playing has really helped. It was so much easier for me to run up and down the court with feet that weren’t hurting. I ran so much faster than I used to, and I felt like even more of an asset to the team than I used to be. And you could ask anyone, I’ve always been the biggest asset to the team.

I’m so glad that I put the hard work in over the off-season to make sure my body was completely right on our return. Being able to run and play basketball without being in any sort of pain is really going to change the quality of my life. I’m really glad that I had a foot specialist who dealt with common foot infections. Cheltenham specialists really know what they’re doing, and so I knew my feet were in good hands the whole time… haha. 

I can tell this is going to be an awesome season for my team. We’re on top of the ladder with a massive percentage after one game, and it’s just going to get higher and higher as the year goes on.

Mouldy Bathroom

My daughter, as great as she is, is a hothead. It seems like she enjoys arguing with me just for the sake of it. She also has a bad habit of changing scenarios in her head so that they fit into whatever narrative she is arguing. For example, we’re currently arguing about getting the bathroom or kitchen renovated. I’m the one with the money so I make the final decision, but she still likes to make it more difficult. 

She really doesn’t want to get the bathroom renovated because she says it’s fine and that the small issue we’re having with it can be fixed by a tradie. She’s right about that, but what about everything else that’s wrong with the bathroom? What about the taps that get stuck, the bath that doesn’t get used and the black mould growing in between the walls? It’s pretty obvious that we need a bathroom renovation more so than a kitchen renovation.

My daughter doesn’t even see the things I’ve mentioned. She’s very one-eyed. She is also so fixated on the fact that our fridge is no longer in the kitchen, but is instead in the dining room. Yeah, this is inconvenient and I agree, but it’s not a health hazard like the black mould in our bathroom! She refuses to admit this.

If I had a bottomless pit of money then I’d get both bathroom and kitchen renovations. In Melbourne renovators definitely have the capacity to do both at once, and it would be convenient for us, but it’s not feasible money-wise. She doesn’t seem to understand this. She also doesn’t understand that it has to be the bathroom or it will be nothing. In an ideal world, I wouldn’t have to get any bathroom renovations at all, but we don’t live in an ideal world and I need to get this mould problem under control as soon as possible.