Video Game Financier

When Charles first came to talk to me about his future plans I had no idea why. We had never really spoken about anything other than video game releases and new burger places we had tried. He seemed very serious and when I tried to crack a joke that we should just play video games instead of chatting, he did not laugh. Apparently he has decided he wants to become a a video game developer and he wants to attend a video game design course in Melbourne. I told him that’s a great idea but didn’t really have much else to say on the topic. Then I realised why he was really talking to me. He needs some financial help to enroll in the technology course, he needs help with money to live in Melbourne as you would expect. That’s where I come in. I have never seen Charles act so sternly, I half expected him to whip out a financial plan and tell me about my return on investment in the coming years. It didn’t take me too long to come up with an answer. Of all of Charles’ absurd ideas this one is probably the best and most deserving of funding. I immediately wrote him a cheque and stipulated the funds must only be used for the game design course in Melbourne, or related living costs. I had a slight fear that he might turn up in two weeks having been on a blowout in Las Vegas or something but he assured he was very serious about this. I trust him. After we settled all the finances we got to talking about what he wants to do long-term once he gets his video game qualification. He plans to develop competitive sport management games aimed at adults. I am impressed by his determination, and the fact that all this was going on when I thought all he thought about was burgers and sleep schedules.