Saviour Compression Socks

I just played my first game of basketball in over a year! It went great! I loved every minute of running up and down the court. I scored plenty of goals and got the winning assist too. You should’ve seen how great my pass was to my teammate who was in the best position to score and win us the game. It was an unselfish play by me, and I’m stoked to be back.

I know you’re all wondering how my feet pulled up and… they pulled up great! I didn’t experience any pain whilst running and now that the game is over, no pain has set in either. I’m no expert but I think spending a whole year looking after my feet, visiting a foot specialist and wearing compression socks whilst playing has really helped. It was so much easier for me to run up and down the court with feet that weren’t hurting. I ran so much faster than I used to, and I felt like even more of an asset to the team than I used to be. And you could ask anyone, I’ve always been the biggest asset to the team.

I’m so glad that I put the hard work in over the off-season to make sure my body was completely right on our return. Being able to run and play basketball without being in any sort of pain is really going to change the quality of my life. I’m really glad that I had a foot specialist who dealt with common foot infections. Cheltenham specialists really know what they’re doing, and so I knew my feet were in good hands the whole time… haha. 

I can tell this is going to be an awesome season for my team. We’re on top of the ladder with a massive percentage after one game, and it’s just going to get higher and higher as the year goes on.