I Keep Myself Busy

buyers advocateI like to challenge myself. If I didn’t, I end up going completely mad…so really, this helps everyone. The children run off to school, husband runs off to his 7:30-8 job, and I’m left at home in our palatial mansion. Exactly what Percy thinks I do during the day is an amusing thought; probably thinks that I have girlfriends over for tea and gossip, then maybe I take a beauty nap and walk around the grounds a bit.

Maybe if you ever ASKED me about my life, Percy, you’d know the truth. I had a fencing lesson today with an Olympic champion. After that I went for a six-mile run, followed by a lesson in the Urdu language at 4. Just made it back in time for my cooking lesson, during which I produced scallops wrapped in seasoned veal with a side of steamed greens. The family still think it was the cook who made dinner that evening.

I’m learning about business as well; the flavour of the week has been property advocates. Melbourne has a thriving property market, albeit a tough one to break into for your average young couple. I’ve had real estate experts in to either teach or just explain the property advocate position, and what they can do for a person looking into running multiple investment properties. All my lessons keep me busy, but they have to be working up to something or they’re just time-fillers. I thought I might as well build a property empire while everyone else is out at school or work. Should keep me nice and occupied.

It’s not exactly a secret; no one ever asks, is all. Percy comes in and asks me how my day was, I say I kept myself busy, and he just accepts it. Oh, I’ll tell him…once I’ve built up good relations with every buyers advocate based in Melbourne and started to assemble my property portfolio. Tea and gossip indeed.