Leaving the Concord?

Something terrible has happened. Jemaine is thinking about quitting the band! I don’t know how he could even consider something so terrible when Concord Flight is about to take off like a private aeroplane on its way back to New Zealand. But apparently, Jemaine is thinking about getting into film making or something. He says he has this great idea for a movie about vampires in New Zealand. Now, I love New Zealand, but vampires? I don’t know, I’m not sure the world is ready for a movie about vampires in New Zealand. It’s certainly not worth quitting the band for.

I think this is because we haven’t gotten the window tinting done yet. Greg is still spying on our meetings, and that is probably making Jemaine uncomfortable. It’s not acceptable, but I can’t fire Greg because he technically isn’t doing anything wrong, and I can’t get window tinting done because I can’t pay in Australian money. It’s a complicated situation, but I’m working on it. All I need is for Bret and Jemaine to be patient. Commercial window tinting near the Melbourne CBD is surprisingly hard to find, especially when it’s for the New Zealand Consulate!

I asked Jemaine who he would even get to act in his vampire movie. He said that he would play the starring role! That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I love Jemaine, but he’s no actor. Heck, he barely has any stage presence in the band! How is he supposed to bring life to the character of a New Zealand vampire? I don’t think he’ll be able to pull it off. People will probably think he’s supposed to be a zombie instead. But I can’t stop Jemaine if his heart is really set on leaving the band to make this movie. I think he’s being a fool, though. He’s being just as foolish as an Australian. Maybe if I tell him that, it will really sink in.

– Murray

Interesting Windows, Interesting Building

decorate window tintsI’ve always loved the idea of living in a converted church. I mean, it’s not so nice for whoever had to vacate the church, but…hey, maybe they found a big modern building because the congregation became too big. And they left the old, traditional church building, and now I live here! I think it’s the uniqueness of the building that really appeals to me. You can live in some square apartment, or a rectangular house, OR you can live somewhere there’s a huge room for conversion into anything you like, with high ceilings and plenty of history.

And glass. I LOVE the idea of living somewhere that has stained glass. That’s rare nowadays, but there are companies in Melbourne doing decorative window glass, which is very similar. It’s the modern equivalent, you might say. Not that i want to plaster the main room in my home with some kind of circular mural depicting my wonderful exploits…in fact, I’d be happy with just keeping whatever happens to be there in the first place. Stained glass is always so nice, and it filters the light so nicely.

I’m thinking the main hall will be converted into a semi-multi-level room, so the roof stops halfway and there’s sort of an alcove. What goes up there? A bar area, bedroom…or just storage. Depends on the layout of my home in general. There are going to be a lot of decisions to make, and that’s if I even manage to find an old church building for sale.

And if there’s no stained glass, will I get some of my own? I guess if they have the window space for it, I could maybe look into getting some frosted window glass, or something similar. If I’m buying an unconventional space to make a home, I might as well go the whole hog. No sense in being shy when you’re living in a chapel. Only if it’s the right chapel, though…