Making adult decisions

polystyrene wall claddingWhen you’re in school you can’t wait for the day when you’re free and can starting living in the grown up world. What kids don’t seem to understand is school is the easy part. The growing up and having responsibility things gets real tedious, real fast. When you’re growing up I think most people take for granted their parents and all that they do. If homework and school is the only thing you have to really worry about you’ve got it easy. Adulthood hits in the face like a ice cold salmon fresh the cool waters of the Pacific ocean. You move out and things shift, slowly at first then all at once. Getting job, paying rent, paying bills, unexpected disasters, partners, babies, the list goes on. Suddenly you’re thinking back to your school days and missing the free and easy time you had. I’ve had some time to reflect on everything over the past few days laying in the hospital with broken legs. The house my wife and I purchased was a bit of fixer upper. It was easily the worst house on a great street so I figured I had made a good decision. We didn’t realise quite how bad it all was until after the auction. The house was falling to pieces.

You see, rather than get an expert to do replace my polystyrene wall cladding, I decided to do it myself. I thought I was so clever at saving all this money, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I should have gotten in touch with a rendering company on the Mornington peninsula, but instead I rolled up my sleeves and gave it a shot. All it took was a strong storm and suddenly the living room wall of my house is buckling under the weight of my botched rendering job. I can tell you this, it is not fun to have bricks fall on you. It’s nothing like the cartoons.