Window Shopping, but More

buyers advocateI don’t always employ services for illicit purposes…but when I do, it’s for a good reason. That good reason would namely be that it benefits me, and that’s always a good thing. That is an excellent thing, you might say.

So. Anyway. Houses interest me, specifically the insides of them. Quite often I like to summon real estate agents to look inside places, not with any intent to buy them, but just to have a sticky beak. I’ve got some spare time, THEY have time because they’re doing their job…and so it’s win-win for everyone involved. Maybe, one day, I’ll decide I actually like a place, and then everyone wins even more! But the thing is, I’ve seen so many houses that I’m not content any more. I want the big prize. I want something better.

For that, I’ll need a buyers advocate. Melbourne has an up and coming industry around them that I’ve been following for a while, with the only catch being that these people cost a bit of money. Makes sense, right? If you’re going for the BIG houses, if you want to pay the BIG bucks, you have to spend a little along the way. It’s the first rule of investing, maybe. Probably the only rule. Actually, it’s the definition of investing, which is even better.

I wonder, am I going to sink money into my hobby? Plenty of people do, so I don’t see how me doing it is really a bad thing. I could afford to pay a bit to see the inside of some really nice places, and have people advise me on whether I should be buying them. I’d be paying them for the pleasure, so really, no one is getting hurt here. The Melbourne property advocate business will thrive, and I will be one of the ones making it so. Besides…I could be super rich in the future, and then I’ll need a property advocate for real. What say you to that?