Flower show nightmares

frangipanisI have promised Angelina I will escort her to this month’s flower show. She asks me every month and I always make up some excuse but this time she went through my assistant who thought I would want to spend the day with my irritating sister looking at different colour varieties of roses and various native shrub arrangements. Apparently this month, the focus is on frangipanis. Angelina is incredibly excited as frangipanis are her favourite flower and she is hoping to score some rare colour forms. I told my assistant that in the future she is to decline all of Angelina’s invitations unless they are to highly exclusive restaurants that she has gained access to via her absurdly wealthy husband. The last time I went with Angelina to the flower show she spent nearly $1000 on bougainvillea arrangements and mini fruit trees for her front garden. The woman is going to have to invest in a fresh plot of land if she continues to buy plants and flowers at the rate she currently is. Of course, money is no problem for her. In fact, she often spends hours shopping for flowers online looking for extremely rare flowering plants that she can get shipped over from exotic lands. She often spends far more on the shipping costs than the actual cost of the flower, I believe there were six figures being thrown around when she finally managed to procure an exotic bat flower from a remote island in Indonesia. I’m hoping this month’s flower expo will just be quickie, we’ll have a walk around and then get some brunch. Of course, she’ll have to get all her frangipani lulus blood flowers sent home via courier as she has already told me she plans to buy as many as she can. I am hoping she will have booked us a table at the new brunch spot opposite the flower show that has had queues round the block since it opened.