Can we talk about the office party?

corporate functions MelbourneI may be a humble provider of food service, but I know when something’s up. I always could smell trouble in the wind, like a wolf picking up a scent. I suppose I really should’ve been a detective instead of making canapes, but perhaps there’s still time. In any case, I keep my ear to the ground even when I’m serving, because you just never know what you’ll pick up, even in a place that seems as interesting as Melbourne. Corporate function rooms are simply full of news and the likes, the latest information on technology, companies going under, companies on the rise, Judy’s habit of taking parking spaces that do not belong to her. I hear that one a lot, funnily enough…perhaps the lesson here is to be wary if there’s a lady called Judy in your company who keeps eyeing your personal, private parking space as if she’s very much like to lay claim to it. Dangerous name, that is.

But…well, perhaps I shouldn’t say. I don’t often DO much with this information, mind you. I walk through all those party venues holding a silver tray and people just say what they like, as if I’m part of the furniture. Suits me just fine, and I don’t even know most of them. But there was a big fancy corporate function last night for that Lawrence Corp. You know the ones, they’re selling all that cheap, wonderful technology. I still have my mobile from 1995, thanks very much. Anyway, we were called in on short notice because the other catering company folded all of a sudden. So odd…

I didn’t partake in any of the pre-catering drinks- arthritis- but while I was serving, I noticed something very strange. It just seemed that everyone was having the same conversation. Maybe it was a hot topic, what do I know? People in function rooms across Melbourne can talk about what they like, but ALL these hundred or so people were talking about water coolers. Same thing, over and over again. They needed water cooler installation. All I can say is that the folks at Lawrence Corp love their fresh water!