Challenge Accepted

I’m so glad that Bandit is feeling better. We had to continue with our work while he recovered in the hyperbaric chamber, cleaning all the sewers of Melbourne so that we could stop Evil Space Wizard from destroying the entire city. Today we received a letter in the mail from said evil wizard from space. He’s challenged us to a final battle back where this whole thing started: the suburb of Sweden, where Australia’s Next Top Office was filmed. If we defeat Evil Space Wizard, he won’t be able to hurt anyone like that good looking rogue, Bandit, anymore. If he wins, though, this city is doomed.

It will be strange to go back to Sweden. By now, we should have been finishing our best efforts at office interior design. Melbourne residents would be watching the show on Not Flicks, wondering who was going to win. It would have been amazing. Archerak would have kept cheating through his magic. Jack Zebraman would have brought charisma to the cast. Bandit and the non-evil Space Wizard would have continued to make an awesome team. We would have made some awesome offices. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Maybe once this is all over, we’ll get together to design some commercial office fitouts around Melbourne for fun. We could even work together. I’m sure that would be really cool.

Space Wizard has a plan to stop his evil clone, which is good news since he’s super powerful. We need Bandit back, though. He’s essential to our plan, with his glass smashing abilities. Hopefully, he’s feeling up to it. He doesn’t need to heal in the hyperbaric chamber anymore, but I’m not sure he’s ready for such a big showdown. It’s not like we have much of a choice, though. This is the fate of Melbourne we’re talking about. I’m sure he’ll be fine. If he can achieve some of the best office designs I’ve ever seen, he can help us save the city.

– Ms Frankie